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 Nov 14, 2014

Round 6 Newsletter


Melbourne Baseball Club - MCC Baseball Section


Batchat Newsletter Round 6

If you have any match reports, junior, senior, men, women, masters, social, anything, send it in to by 9pm Tuesdays to get into the week's issue.




The firsts went down to Sandringham in a slugfest 9-8 using 5 pitchers, but won the Midweek game over Newport and now sit in the top two of their conference.

The seconds left a lot of baserunners and had their chances but went down 3-2 against Sandringham, while the thirds came away with a good win, the fourths had a one run loss. The Division 4 senior Mens teams both had good wins. Masters A 38+ continued their top of the table dominance.

A hot windy sweltering day at Moorabbin last Saturday as the Lady D’s came to play ball out-hitting the Panthers 13-7 and outplaying them in the field with a great defensive effort. Everyone contributed in this win.

The U16 State team returned to the winners list with a thumping win on Sunday, while the Dodgers and Angels sit 1 and 2 on the Little Leage Major Ladder after strong performances.

Reminder to RSVP for the Trivia night 22nd November, it should be a great night and a big fundraiser for the club. $15 at the door.

This year celebrates 20 seasons of Women's Summer Baseball in Victoria, and BV have put together a Gala Day on Sat 29th Nov @ Cheltenham Baseball Club.

For those wishing to make uniform purchases for the remainder of the year they must be made through the online shop.

More photos have been added to the web site from Round 5 and 6 Seniors and Juniors. Links for Seniors here and Juniors here, keep those photos coming.


Match Reports


Round 6 - Division 4 East Melbourne Vs Doncaster won 15-5

After two weeks on the road we returned to Myrtle Park to take on Doncaster. Both teams were evenly poised at 3 runs each thanks to the efforts of Ethan VanderHoff, Chao Shih, and Jimmy VanderHoff.

With some tight pitching in the second innings from Enoch Shen, Doncaster were held scoreless and then runs by Lachlan Clayton, Jacob Rizio, Ethan VanderHoff, Jon Coombes and Chao Shih saw us hold a comfortable lead.

In the third, Doncaster found some form near the top of the order and after two good hits and some other minor ones they ran in two runs before Enoch Shen found their measure with a strike out, a sharp run out for Jon Coombes third to first and then Enoch pouncing on a bunt to get the runner at first.

We again found our form getting 7 runners home in the third. Doncaster managed 1 run for the fourth but with time catching up the game was called and we had another win secured.

Well done to all players, all at least getting on base and several with runs to their name.


Over 38's - Melbourne A 9 - Waverley 2.


Yes, Damo rolled up just as Mr Rice called play and managed to jag four hits thanks to simply putting the ball in play and 'Masters Range' doing the rest. All credit to Mulgrave's finest export as he made several of our hitters look badderer than terrible-er (this is possible).

Whilst the Waverley lads scored two in the first all because Keyhoe was late (but hit well when he turned up), and Murray is too nice a guy and tried to not allow Warren to be affected by the sun in his eyes, the story of the night was the manner that Messer Andrew Kent had the ball on a string for four innings before Bryce 'C-Net' Gammon threw many a knee trembler over two, and finally Jason Bulger got his chance to close out a game in the seventh. Five K's to the big fella, four nasty, stinky head shaking K's for Bryce, and one for Jason kept Statler and Waldorf on the hill entertained as we piled on nine runs on an enjoyable night to continue our undefeated season.

Special mention to Bryce for his first innings pop up that somehow made it to the triple alley fence for a trotted two rbi double to keep the ‘no triples unless you are young and fast’ rule alive. He also managed to stop a ball at left field using his feet a la Joel Garner on the boundary circa 1983 – ‘body management’ at its finest.

Off to sunny Upwey next week...Damo has promised post game entertainment at his house next week so could be ugly!

Over 38's - Game 4 and 5 - Melbourne B

Game 4 Forfeited by Melbourne B

Game 5 Melbourne.B.20 Def Upwey FTG 2

A great game by both teams. It just didn’t show in the score. We just out batted them.

Hits. Singles. S.De-Witt(2). H.Marsten(2). C.Crameri(3). P.Robinson(3). J.Morilly(2).P.Tyndall(3). S.Coatsworth(1)

Doubles. S.De-Witt (1). S.Haslam (1).

Pitching. Paul.Tyndall. 3 innings. 3 Hits.1.K. 1 unearned run. 13 Batters. Paul.Robinon. 2 innings.3 Hits. 3BB. 1 run.

Errors. Melbourne.B. 2. Upwey FTG. 3.

And thanks to Peter MacArthur for starting the umpiring. Until Barry arrived, Then became the line umpire.



Round 6 - Women’s Division 2 Melbourne Demons vs. Moorabbin - Won 10 – 3

A hot windy sweltering day at Moorabbin as the Lady D’s came to play ball despite the conditions to take the game away from the Panthers outhitting them 13-7 and outplaying them in the field with a great defensive effort. Everyone contributed in this win.

We came straight out of the box with a run to put the pressure on in the first dig then came back with 4 more in the 2nd never to look back. Our defence was tight when it needed to be as they did threaten a few of times but good plays by Charmaine, Glenda and a great 3-1 from Jess to Eva during critical times of the game held them to only 3 runs on the day. Outstanding effort in the field by Georgia, Mel, Michelle & Megan. Great concentration on a tough day. Well done Lady D’s.

Eva got the start and went the distance giving up 2 earned runs on 7 hits with 2 walks and 6 strike outs, Leah calling a good game behind the dish, great effort Eva & Leah.


Hits: Eva, Charmaine, Jess W., Megan & Glenda – 2, Mel, Michelle & Georgia – 1

RBIs: Eva, Charmaine & Glenda - 2, Mel, Megan, Michelle & Georgia - 1


Round 5 - Women’s Division 2 Melbourne Demons vs. Bundoora - Won 6 – 3

A windy, rainy blustery day at Surrey park as the game was delayed by 20 minutes during a brief downpour and a bit of hail. The sun came out and turned out to be a pretty good day over all yet still windy as we downed the Brumbies in a tight well fought battle. A good testament once again to the tough mindset of the Lady D’s fighting their way through the tough conditions.

We held them scoreless with a 3 up 3 down first inning then came out and scored one straight away on a walk, stolen base and timely hit by Kylie to put a bit of pressure on at the onset. Second dig they put on 2 with a hit and a walk and an error due to the windy conditions whilst we came back with one of our own to tie it up. The Brumbies fought back with another one to inch ahead as we scored 2 in the bottom of the 3rd to go up by one and never look back as we scored another 2 in the 4th dig to round out the scoring finishing up with a 6-3 overall win. Our defence is really picking up with an outstanding 3-1 play covered by Charmaine and then an almost double play at home with a runner on 3rd bunt with Kylie coming out to get the out to first then Bec back to the plate with Maine covering just missing the out at home, great thinking and staying on your toes looking for the next play. The middle infield almost turned a double play as well with a shot hit to Megan at 2nd turning it over to Leah at short then on to Bec just missing the double play. Great focus on a very difficult day, well done Lady D’s, great effort.

Charmaine got the start and went the distance giving up 1 earned run on 5 hits with 4 walks and 4 strike outs, really starting to mix it up well on pace and location with Kylie calling a good game behind the dish, great effort Maine & Kylie.


Hits: Kylie – 2, Mel, Kate, Charmaine, Jess W., Leah & Bec – 1

RBIs: Leah & Kylie - 2, Mel & Jess W. - 1


Round 5 - Melbourne B- Dodgers beats Malvern Blue 8-5.

The American mid-term Elections ended in a resounding win for the Republicans. Press reports explained that the Republican policies had greater support from the business sector as they simply placed more emphasis on “doing business’… Here, at Surrey Park, Melbourne B- Dodgers- coached by American Coach Helder met his match….An American Coach for Malvern Blue ! The American banter and idioms ran thick and fast. It was political warfare between the 2 coaches….an effective Republican versus Democrat tussle. They even argued and appealed the play. But, guess who “meant business”? ; Guess who called on the mighty Dodgers in the 2nd innings for 5 runs (a massive ask) …and the team delivered.? …You bet ‘cha…The Dodgers overcame an initial, powerful batting display by the opposition to win 8-5.

Coaches Helder and Hartin had mapped out a sophisticated ground game to unseat Malvern Blue. The Republicans had 8 out of 9 key Senate races and regained control of the Upper Chamber. The Dodgers had 8 out of 9 key players and we regained control of the Melbourne Rays ladder. All policies to one side, the Tea Party on the Hill- ( who weren’t drinking tea)- blonde Mums and a couple of loving fathers cheered the Dodgers to a very nice win against tough Opposition. One ‘ring-in’ leapt the fence to hug a deserved son, only to be detained by officials- no capsicum spray required. Highlights as evidenced by the drone were;

Hudson- pitched really well against the best batting side we’ve seen this year, but he kept them runless in the 2nd innings. He also struck that ball with aggression hitting yet another ball over the boundary.

Billy- really starting to follow through with confidence with the bat- some nice cuts, hits and runs - and a solid fielding performance.

Blake - took an absolute screamer of a catch and was very handy on the field; nice batting especially when under pressure with all bases loaded.

Jasper – a wonderful hit down the alley; and great sliding home; a great match.

Tom- put on a sizzling display; solid hitting and runs ; a terrific catch and tag; and a pitch and catch.. top performance.

Henry- a number of great cuts with the bat; a truly stylish catcher with brilliant digs – fabulous team player.

Koby- some really powerful hits and runs and sliding to home base; Handy in the field as well.

Tate- great first hit/runs, excellent backing up and covered extensive ground in a wickedly fast outer field.


All up, it was a tenacious effort of our boys to maintain focus and determination. Well done Dodgers.


Round 4 - Little League Major- Melbourne B Dodgers beats Upwey FGB Gold 13 to 4.

Out here in Upwey (Ferntree Gully), I could have sworn that we were in Los Angeles. Apart from it being the home of the mighty Dodgers- who have won 6 world series and 21 National League pennants- visually, we had crowds of Halloween doorknockers on one side of the road leading into the baseball fields – witches, vampires, pumpkin carriers and blood oozing mummies- trick or treating. On the other side, we had Melbourne Little League B- Dodgers, attired in their baseball garb, who collectively and convincingly beat Upwey FTG- Gold , 13 to 4. This was no trick, but rather a sweet treat…as sweet as the homemade apple pie sitting in a lunchbox on the passenger’s seat in Coach, Chris Helder’s car. Great win Dodgers!

The team was fortunately complete, as Koby and Henry arrived just in time from the airport (.. direct from LA?). Chris and Darren mapped out the plan. We batted first. Tate made it to 3rd base with a wallop; Hudo had no alternative but to go for the walk and slided beautifully to the home plate. Blake got home with ease and Tom made a cracker hit. A giant belt came from Koby, only to be caught and Henry nearly smashed the ball through the field…. Alas, we had our 5 runs and so we turned our prowess to the field.

It was all Hudo… strike after strike…and one of those pitches came back into Hudo’s glove- a remarkable pitch and catch. Things happened so quickly, not even the umpire saw the elastic attached to the ball. Well done Hudo!

Back to batting, where we saw Tate get home again; a really nice hit from Jasper- great placement; and top runs from Blake , Koby and Henry. With another 5 runs it was back to the field. Hudo continued star pitching and we evidenced nice backing up from Koby. Tom and Jasper were nimble in the outer field. Our opposition scored a couple of runs with all bases loaded.

We then added a few more runs with Hudo belting one over the boundary and exceptional runs from Jasper, Tom, Koby.

Tom pitched really well and I thought the umpire may have dropped his glasses a couple of time. Nice work Tom. And Henry did some stunning catching with plenty of ‘great digs’. On Halloween night, all up, a great team effort, where we scared the opposition with our Dodger outfits and we walked away with our lolly bags full of 13 runs,… with everyone having made significant contribution.


Well done Dodgers



Upcoming Matches






Division 1 Geelong Melbourne Sun 15th Nov 16:30 Geelong
Division 1
Wed 19th Nov 20:50
Division 1 Reserves
Sun 15th Nov 14:00
Division 1 Thirds
Sun 16th Nov 15:30
Surrey Park
Division 1 Fourths Melbourne Geelong Sun 16th Nov 13:00 Surrey Park
Division 4 East Monash Uni Melbourne Sun 16th Nov 15:30 Monash Uni
Division 4 South
Monash Uni
Sun 16th Nov 13:00
Monash Uni
Womens Division 2 Melbourne Footscray Sat 15th Nov 13:00 Surrey Park
Womens Division 3 Doncaster Melbourne Sat 15th Nov 13:00 Deep Creek
VSBL U16 State League Melbourne Blackburn Sun 16th Nov 9:00 Surrey Park
Junior League Friday Melbourne Malvern Fri 14th Nov 18:15 Surrey Park
Junior League State Melbourne Waverley B Sun 16th Nov 9:00 Myrtle Park
Little League State Melbourne Sandringham Sun 16th Nov 9:00 Mrytle Park
Little League Metro Melbourne Berwick Sun 16th Nov 9:00 Surrey Park
Little League Friday Malvern Blue Angels Fri 14th Nov 18:15 Kooyong Park
Little League Friday Red Sox Dodgers Fri 14th Nov 18:15 Surrey Park
Masters 38+ Upwey FTG Melbourne A Mon 17th Nov 18:15 Kings Park
Masters 38+ Waverley Melbourne B Mon 17th Nov 18:15 Napier Park
Masters 45+ Newport Melbourne Mon 17th Nov 18:15 KC White Reserve

For detailed fixtures and ground locations go to our TeamApp or the MBC Website. Please check with your coaches and Team managers as venues subject to change.



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Trivia Night
The Annual Trivia Night is on Saturday November 22nd after the 1st Nine game at Surrey Park from 7pm, $15 at the door.

Women's Baseball 20th Season Gala Day
This year celebrates 20 seasons of Women's Summer Baseball in Victoria, and BV have put together a Gala Day on Sat 29th Nov @ Cheltenham Baseball Club.



Upcoming Events

18/11/2014 Coaches induction session
22/11/2014 Trivia Night
29/11/2014 Women's 20th Season Gala Day

Senior Results

1st Nine
Round 7 - Sun 9th November
Men's Division 1 Sandringham 9
Melbourne 8
Round 8 - Wed 12th November
Men's Division 1 Melbourne 4
Newport 1
Senior Grades - Round 6
Men's Division 1 Reserves Sandringham 3
Melbourne 2
Men's Division 1 Thirds Melbourne 7
Sandringham 5
Men's Division 1 Fourths Melbourne 11
Sandringham 12
Men's Division 4 East Doncaster 5
Melbourne 15
Men's Division 4 South Doncaster 7
Melbourne 12
Women's Division 2 Melbourne 10
Moorabbin 3
Women's Division 3 Melbourne 0
Sandringham 0
Masters A 38+ Waverley 2
Melbourne A 9
Masters B 38+ Melbourne B 20
Upwey FTG 2
Masters 45+ Melbourne 6
Springvale 13


Junior Results

Round 5 - Sunday 9th November
Junior Grades
U16 State Melbourne     24
Sandringham 2
Junior League - Sunday  Melbourne 6
Geelong 9
Junior League - Friday BYE -
Melbourne -
Little League - State Melbourne 5
Malvern 7
Little League - Metro Melbourne 11
Bonbeach 13
Little League - Friday Upwey FTG G 1
Angels 18
Little League - Friday Malvern Blue 5
Dodgers 8
Little League - Friday Red Sox 5
Malvern Red 11



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