Junior Development Program

Dear All,

Junior Development Program (JDP) Pitching and Catching sessions continue as the season is about to begin. We will be aiming to run regular sessions throughout the season to continue working with U14/U16 players who are keen to improve their skills.

I will be endeavoring to spend time at as many U12/U14/U16 training sessions as I can make to work with players who want to improve, including beginning players and players who are not ready for the more advanced JDP training.

All players intending to play this summer season should be at training this week if possible, with games starting next weekend coaches want to see as many as possible now that daylight saving is starting.

Dates for JDP training:

Sunday 6 October from 2pm (Catching):
Catching practice with the Pitching Machine. Any U14/U16 Catcher is welcome to come down and catch lots of balls with the machine. Come down and support the Div 3 & 4 teams, have a hotdog and a drink and support the club, and get in some intensive catching practice. You don't need to let me know if you are coming, I will be there with the machine set up for any one who would like the practice. I will try to do this most Sunday afternoons when the senior teams are playing.

Thursday 10 October from 5:30pm (Pitching):
U16 Pitching training in the Bullpen. All players who expect to be pitching in the U16 teams regularly should complete a Bullpen session before the seniors start using it. I will be there to look at off-speed pitches and the focus should be on smoothing out delivery and hitting spots in preparation for the first games.

Sunday 13 October from 3:30pm (Pitching and Catching):
Come and support the Division 1 players in their opening home game against Sandringham. We will look at some theoretical concepts of pitching and catching whilst watching the game, such as pitch calling and location selection, team management for catchers and pitching actions for different pitches. We will also set up the pitching machine for catchers to work on receiving balls from both right and left handed throwers.

Thursday 17 October from 5:30pm (Pitching):
U14 Bullpen pitcher training for selected pitchers. U14 Coaches will be asked to nominate a number of pitchers to come to this session. Places are limited to a maximum of 6 pitchers and players will need to be ready to work hard on their technique and approach to pitching. Players will be offered this training after the coaches have had a chance to train with and watch the pitchers play. This session will be repeated for other pitchers not initially involved throughout the season.

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