Senior match reports - Round 1

Division 1

Great win by the 1sts over Waverley 9-4 Sunday. Debutante's Adam Pahos and Xander Barling provided outstanding defense. Adam pitched 3 innings without giving up a run. Xander was solid at both 2nd and later 3rd base. Alex Hondo had 3 hits and took an amazing catch at left field running back and colliding with the fence. Adam Burton hit a towering 2 run home run in the first. A great team win to start the year with 4 juniors getting their chance to play 1st grade.

Adam Pahos on the mound in the firsts

Rhys DeHighden lines one up the middle

Xander Barling played 2nd Base and later here he is at third base in another excellent defensive effort

Ollie McMahon not to be outdone played his part in the win


More photos here


Division 1 Reserves

The seconds went down 9-6 after a late rally. Veteran bryce gammon held the waverley offence for the last 3-4 digs.

Division 1 Thirds

The thirds drew 5-5 after being in control and leading for most of the game. Hicky was solid on the mound them Prom finished the game off. With the wind blowing in any hits were a premium and losing a couple of baserunners at crucial times resulted in only taking 1 point from the game.

Hits: J. Mann 2, Roy 1 2b (2 rbi), Mitchelhill 1 (1 rbi), Chiverton (1 rbi)

Pitching: Hoskin 3IP, 2H, 4K, 3BB, 1HPB, 2ER, Promnitz 2IP, 5H, 1K, 2HPB, 2ER

Division 1 Fourths

A good win in the conditions, again hits were hard to get, but 7 hits grouped together across a couple of innings was the difference. Trent Ryan with a couple of hits, and veteran Murray Noble closed out the game on the mound enabled us to run away 7-3.

Hits: Ryan 2 (1 rbi), Williams 2 (1x2b, 1 rbi), Noble (3 rbi), S. Gerwing (1 rbi), Materia (1 rbi)

Pitching: C. Gerwing 2.1 IP, 3K, 2H, 3BB, 1ER, Noble 2.2IP, 0H, 5K, 1BB, 0ER