"Wet behind the ears..."

Prior to going to Summer Baseball in 1976, the VBA hosted a Championship in season 1975-76 which the "Demons" WON. In the preliminary final at Straw Field, Melbourne were set to wrap-up the game and head into the Grand Final the following week.

With the scores tied in the bottom of the 9th innings, Melbourne loaded the bases with none out and shortstop Carl Cant at bat - a mere formality. Suddenly, the whole ground was swamped as the entire sprinkler system exploded into action! Someone had neglected to set the system to daylight saving time and the game was washed out. As usual, the VBA made a momentous decision. The game would resume from the point the following week but the Grand Final would not be played until a further week later.

The following Sunday - a magnificent day - the ground is prepared - the players go through their warm-ups. The two sides take the field --- bases loaded --- none out. We don't have to tell you - Cant smashes the very first pitch into centrefield, the run scores, "DEMONS WIN" and we all pack up and go home!!  TOTAL PLAYING TIME - 10 seconds....