1904 - Dr. Twiss flashes his arm and bat

Baseball in Victoria was anaemic in the first years of the new century and very nearly died out altogether, with only a few teams still playing until a comeback in 1904 when 6 teams competed. The MCC were back in the picture, W.G. Ingleton was back in Baseball and we included our first big import - Dr H. I. Twiss who bought with him a good knowledge of the game and was probably the first pitcher in Australia to introduce the curve ball.


From the Argus 1904 September 12th:

"The Baseball season ended on Saturday, and MCC won the premiership, East Melbourne being second, and South Melbourne third. The season has been marked by an increase of interest in the game, not only by the players, but by the public. There have been six teams playing in the competition, and there is talk of this number being almost doubled next season. The game affords splendid winter exercise for cricketers, and its quickness and rapid changes make it an interesting game to watch. The game has never been in a stronger position in Victoria than at the present moment, and the efforts of the Victorian Baseball League to establish it firmly have been rewarded by a considerable amount of success."

"M.C.C played South Melbourne on the Melbourne Cricket Ground prior to the football match between Collingwood and Fitzroy, South Melbourne began with three runs in their first innings, but MCC scored seven at their first attempt. After this the game was very even, and the MCC won by 11 to 8, the Southerners having rather the advantage in the latter stages. For the winners, Twiss (until the fourth innings) and Quarterman pitched well, and Over was in good form as catcher, Ingleton on second base, was good and played well. Twiss hit a home run."


The scores were:-

MCC ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  .. 7-3-0-1-0-0-0 = 11

South Melbourne ..  ..  .. 3-1-0-3-1-0-0 = 8