1909 – No challenge necessary, MCC over East 7-2

MCC were at their best against East Melbourne, the battery of Scott and Taylor restricted East to 6 hits and the MCC won 7-2 and did not need a challenge final after finishing the season in first place.


From the Argus, 23rd August 1909:

MCC by defeating East Melbourne on Saturday won the Spalding Pennant without taking advantage of their right to challenge, and are thus premiers for the third successive season. East Melbourne filling their usual position of runners-up.

MCC were at their best against East Melbourne, their only error being a battery one by the catcher, and after the fourth innings the issue was never in doubt. Scott and Taylor, the battery, kept batters down to six base hits, of which four were equally shared by Kortland and Stuckey; but Healy's two-bagger was a lovely hit, from which both of East's runs were scored. Ingleton (second base), Ballantyne (short-stop), and Allan (third base) completed an infield difficult to be improved upon.

In the outfield Yuille, Vaughan, and Johnston did well, the first-named especially. Their batting, too, was strong, no fewer than 11 safe hits being recorded. Henty did best with three, whilst Allan, Taylor, Vaughan, and Johnston each got two. Lansdowne and Kortland as battery were not at their best, as the hitting shows. Healy at first base was little below Henty. Godby at second base did good work, but Stuckey was poor at third base. George Horsburgh at short-stop played their star game, one of his efforts being a brilliant double-play with Godby, and Healy also got one unassisted. East's fielding record shows no fewer than seven errors, Kortland and Stuckey being the chief offenders.



East Melbourne  ..  ..  ..  2, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0  -- 2

M.C.C  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  .. 1, 1, 0, 0, 4, 1, 0, 0, * -- 7