1919 – The tricolours challenge the maroons again

Another Melbourne – Fitzroy Grand Final, Melbourne going through the season undefeated and finishing on top. However they lost the semi-final to Fitzroy 9-4, but being the minor premier, they retained the right to challenge. Melbourne reversed the semi-final result winning the challenge final 11-4 after an error riddled game by Fitzroy.


From the Argus, 29th September 1919:



Saturday saw the conclusion of the baseball season, when Melbourne defeated Fitzroy by 11 runs to 4 for the premiership of the Union. It was a poor game, in which Fitzroy made eight errors, 3 of them in the MCC’s first innings, which gave the red legs a beginning of five runs. The winners continued to add runs, while Fitzroy’s fielders made more errors. The losers’ batting was slightly stronger than Melbourne’s, nine hits to eight, but they were so well distributed that they were not of much assistance.

Tait and Taylor were in fine form for Melbourne, so also were Johnston, Ransford, Stokes, Vaughan and Creighton. For Fitzroy, H. Lansdown, Bannister, A. Lansdown, Ramsden, and Cattlin played well.

At the conclusion of the game the president of the Fitzroy Cricket Club (Mr W. Barr) entertained the teams.

Both teams wore armbands as a mark of respect to the late Vice President of the Union, Frank Laver. The Union and the League were well represented at the graveside in the morning, a number of old players also attending.