W.G. Ingleton (1867-1923)

Walter George Ingleton (1867-1923). Represented M.C.C. Baseball Section from 1892-1914, Captain Victorian Baseball Team 1894-1913. Australian representation 1897 Kangaroo Tour, 1908 vs Great White Fleet.


Wally Ingleton was the standout player of the early days of organised Baseball in Victoria, he came to the MCC Baseball Section in 1892 and took over as Baseball captain in 1894 from C.H. Ross and led the team in its most successful era to an amazing 11 VBL pennants.

He was a product of the optimism, enthusiasm and energy of the people of Melbourne in the late-19th century, fuelled by the prosperity of the gold rush. In 1897 there was an ambitious plan to send a team to the United States - the first foreign team to play in America. Wally Ingleton was selected as vice captain, however the tour was a sporting and financial disaster, leaving many of the players stranded overseas.

Deep regret was expressed in baseball circles in 1923 when it was known that W.G. Ingleton had died as a result of a fall on the St. Kilda railway station. Wally Ingleton or “Ingie” as he was known to a wide circle of friends, was the finest second baseman Australia had produced, and as a batsman he had few equals. His play during the American tour of 1897 was of such a high standard that several offers were made to him to play professional baseball but he preferred his amateur status, and on his return to Australia, he set about organising the game to be on a better footing.

If it were not for his efforts in the 1900-1903 period along with Ben Wardill, J.S. Milford and Chas. Nodrum of East Melbourne, Baseball in Victoria would have completely died out. The East Melbourne club kept the intercolonial / interstate baseball series alive with NSW while the Melbourne Cricket Club was often called upon to make up the League’s financial deficits.

He represented the M.C.C. Baseball Section for over 20 years and whenever he represented his colony or state he was always chosen as the Victorian captain, a position which he filled very ably.

Ingie also excelled at other sports, he was a 1st class cricketer as well representing the Colony of Victoria from 1889-1897.


Walter George Ingleton - Player 1889-1914

  • VBL Richmond C.C. B.C. 1889-91
  • VBL M.C.C. Baseball Section 1892-1894, 1904-1914
  • VBL South Melbourne BC 1895-1900
  • Captain M.C.C. Baseball Section 1894, 1904-1914, 11 "A" Grade pennants
  • Victoria team Captain 1894-1913:
  • vs SA, 21, 23 July 1894
  • vs SA, 2 ? ? February 1897
  • vs NSW, 3 games 1900
  • vs U.S.S. Brooklyn, 2 games May 1901, EMCC 31 August, SMCC 7 September 1901
  • vs NSW, Sydney, 3 games, August & September 1903
  • vs NSW, Melbourne, 3 games, August 1904
  • vs NSW, Sydney Cricket Ground, 9, 13 16 September 1905
  • vs NSW, Melbourne Cricket Ground, 8, 12 15 September 1906
  • vs NSW, Melbourne Cricket Ground, 5, 9 15 September 1908
  • vs NSW, East Melbourne Cricket Ground, 13 September 1908
  • vs NSW, Sydney Cricket Ground, 4, 8 September 1909
  • vs NSW, Petersham Oval, Sydney, 11 September 1909
  • vs NSW, Petersham Oval, Sydney, 22 July 1911
  • vs NSW, Richmond Cricket Ground, Melbourne, 10, 11, 12, 14, 17 August 1912
  • Australian Vice Captain & Team member 1897 to the US, 26 games
  • Led the team in base hits (48), runs scored (39), second in batting average (.413 to P. McAllister’s .417) and amazingly only struck out twice in 116 at-bats against the professional team’s crack pitching
  • Australian Captain & Team member 1908:
  • vs US Great White Fleet, Rushcutter's Bay Oval, 24 August 1908
  • vs US Great White Fleet, Sydney University Oval, August 1908
  • vs US Great White Fleet, Melbourne Cricket Ground, 7 September 1908