The extraordinary events in the B final '47

The Trumble boys break their left legs in the same game!

The Mid 1940's were a very successful period for the club winning four premierships and two club championships in five years. The B team was also doing well, and its win in the 1947 final was an extraordinary affair. Three of Hugh Trumble's sons, Tim, Charlie and Ken were playing. Both Charlie and Ken broke their left legs in similar fashion in the final.

Ken had returned after years as a prisoner of war in Japan. Disaster came in the second innings when he was sprinting from second to third base. There had been some rain during the week and the turf on the MCG was hard on top but soft and sticky underneath. As he went into his slide his boot dug deep into the ground and he went into a Catherine-wheel. When the players picked him up his foot, which should have been pointing north, was pointing south. His badly dislocated ankle was broken and they took him to Prince Henry’s Hospital.

Later in the game Charlie Trumble was trying to steal from first to second. It was too dangerous. He made a mighty leap back to first base, his foot dug in, and he did exactly the same thing as his brother. Something seemed to give, but he felt no serious pain. That night he went to the hospital to see Ken, and by this time his leg was swelling. At the hospital the doctors decided to give him an X-ray. His leg was broken in two places and he was to be in plaster for 14 weeks.

The irony of it was that next day he received a note from Vernon Ransford congratulating him with the news that he had been appointed captain of the club’s D cricket eleven.



MCC Baseball Section Team photo at the MCG circa 1947. Note that the photo was taken around 1947 or earlier as it was taken at the MCG. This is quite possibly taken after the last MCC Baseball section game played on the MCG, after the 1947 A1 final. After 1947 the MCC Baseball section games were played at the warehouseman's ground on St. Kilda Rd. Charlie Trumble's ankle is heavily strapped in the photo and Ken Trumble is not in the photo (presumed to have been taken off to hospital for x-rays)