Were we robbed? The 1981 Preliminary final

The first nine were defeated by Waverley 6-5 in the 1981 preliminary final in a really outstanding and controversial game.


Preliminary Final vs Waverley - Division 1, Season 1981 (Straw Field)

Trailing Waverley by a run (4-5) in the seventh innings with two "Demons" on base, catcher Ross Arthur came to bat facing a young Phil Dale. After earlier connecting for two doubles in the game, Arthur drove the first pitch from Phil Dale over the deep left field fence - or did he?

In that exact spot, a cricket practice net had been tied to the outfield fence left over from the previous day’s cricket practice, amd the hit struck the the top of the net and rolled back onto Straw field to be ruled a double!

One run scored instead of a three-run homer and after 9 innings the score remained tied at 5 each. You guessed it.... Waverley scored the winning run in the 12th innings - SCORE: WAVERLEY 6 MELBOURNE 5