Umpire rosters are set and it is your responsibility to turn up and umpire. The selections were random and there was no bias given to anybody. If you cannot make it on your allotted date and time then please contact someone on the list to cover for you. David Keyhoe expects all players to umpire at least once during the season.

Thanks MBC Committee.



SP - Surrey Park

MP - Myrtle Park


Players expected to arrive 10-15 min before game time, game schedule available in TeamApp or from Fixtures Menu on web site. Sunday Games start 9:00AM U16/U18, Sunday Junior League game double headers, 8:30/10:45AM, Friday Night Games start 5:45PM.

Umpiring Roster

Venue Division Game Date First Name Last Name
SP   14/10/2018 James Roy
MP   14/10/2018 Hsien Tran
SP   14/10/2018 George Bush
MP   21/10/2018 8:30 Lachlan Clayton
MP   21/10/2018 8:45 Stephen Lawrence
SP   21/10/2018 8:45 Daisuku Hebera
SP JL 28/10/2018 8:30 Adam Pahos
SP JL 28/10/2018 10:45 Stephen Gerwing
SP U18 28/10/2018 09:00 David Simpson
MP   28/10/2018  Aaron Hoskin
SP   04/11/2018 09:00 Scott Briggs
SP   11/11 Alex Hondromatidis
MP   11/11 Andy Mann
SP   11/11 Andrew Barker
SP Junior League Major 18/11 Charlie Keyhoe
MP Junior League Minor 18/11 Chao Shih
      Arran Potter
SP Junior League Major 25/11 Cooper Gerwing
MP Junior League Major 25/11 Dan Charles
SP U18 25/11 Dean Abdallah
      Enoch Shen
      Hudson Gerwing
      James Sharp
      Jarryd Rogers
      Jason Mann
      Joel Gelding
      Leonard Chiverton