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 Dec 19, 2013

Round 12 Newsletter


Melbourne Baseball Club - MCC Baseball Section


Batchat Round 12

If you have any match reports, junior, senior, men, women, masters, social, anything, send it in to by 9pm Tuesdays to get into the week's issue.



Welcome to round 12 of the Newsletter and the final one for 2013 before the Christmas / New Year break. The cocktail party is coming up this Saturday the 21st, tickets are still available from the online shop only $30 from the shop or $40 at the door. Also if you need a quick stocking filler for Christmas we have plenty of Short Sleeve Baseball slickers for $45 in range of sizes - visit the shop here. Christmas mince pies are available from our club support Bread Street in Hamilton St, Mont Albert, they are $15 per dozen, they make great gifts and a way of helping them out for a great service they provide during the year.

An excellent weekend for Men's seniors with the firsts, thirds, fourths and Div 4 East teams having solid wins. The Women's A team went down to a rampant Waverley while the Women's seconds had a draw against Malvern.

In Division 1, Chris Prokupek held Melbourne through the early innings, but the Demons exploded with four in the fourth on timely hitting by Matt Kent, Slade Squire, catcher Tom Shiels and the versatile Brent Buffa – who snagged a couple of crucial fly balls in leftfield. Andy Mann gave Melbourne another quality start over five before Liam Davine stepped up in middle relief and Matt Blackmore closed out the game.

Girls training with the Pros event will be held at Melbourne Ballpark this Saturday 21st December from 10.00am – 2.00pm. Cost to the girls is only $25. This is a fantastic initiative by MLB, the ABF, the Melbourne Aces and also BV. The ABF and Melbourne Aces have organised for 16 members of the current Australian Women’s Squad to fly into Melbourne as part of the Aces “Women’s Weekend”, and these girls will coach at the Clinic, along with members of the Victorian Blue Women’s Team.

Wishing everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Dates for resumption of games after the break are:

  • Mens Division 1 games resume 12th Jan
  • Mens Division 1 Reserves, Thirds & Fourths & Division 4 games resume 19th Jan
  • Women's games resume 25th Jan
  • Masters games resume 20th Jan
  • Sunday Junior games resume 26th Jan
  • Friday night U12 games resume 31st Jan


Match Reports

1st Nine won 6-0

Kingsley Collins:

While Chris Prokupek held Melbourne through the early innings, the Demons exploded with four in the fourth on timely hitting by Matt Kent, Slade Squire, catcher Tom Shiels and the versatile Brent Buffa – who snagged a couple of crucial fly balls in leftfield.

Andy Mann gave Melbourne another quality start over five before Liam Davine stepped up in middle relief and Matt Blackmore closed out the game against an opponent that continues to test the stronger clubs without being quite able to create offensive pressure.

No wanting to overtax Prokupek – who has already shouldered a significant workload – the Eagles went to Stuart Clayton in relief and the veteran did not let his side down by keeping the lid on Melbourne scoring when the game might have blown out.

The Eagles will have home status against Geelong on Thursday (Melbourne Ballpark, late) before, the return game at Geelong Baseball Centre on Sunday, while Melbourne will be away to Cheltenham on Thursday (Farm Road, 6.00 PM start) and will play host to the Rustlers on Sunday.

Images from this game and the seconds game at Sunshine are included below.


Women's A lost 14-1
A great day at Surrey park for baseball with the sun shining and relatively blue skies as the Waverley Wildcats came to town for the day with some old familiar faces of the Division 1 team from last year that made this game a tough one. I was proud of the Lady D’s attitude and persistence as we put up a good fight however couldn’t string together the hits to put runs on the scoreboard, being out hit on the day 11-6.

A valiant effort in the field by the Lady D’s as the Wildcats hit the ball in every direction so we ended up chasing a lot down especially Jess in centre field as the opposition kept finding the gaps.

Dominique got the start for the Lady D’s and went 2 2/3rd innings giving up 11 earned runs on 10 hits with 3 walks, 0 hpb, and 4 strike outs, a great effort throwing 88 pitches before being hit in the wrist on a come backer to the mound, well done Nique hope you are mending well. Melanie came on in relief for her debut in Division 2 and worked 2 1/3rd innings on the mound for the Lady D’s giving up 0 earned runs on 1 hit with 1 walk, 1 hpb, and 4 strike outs, a fantastic effort for her first in Div.2 appearance, I’m certain we will be seeing much more of this young woman in future.

We are still alone in second place so need to continue to improve by working hard at training to stay in the hunt for the flag.


Hits: Megan – 2; Dominique, Charmaine, Melanie & Jess S. – 1

RBIs: Charmaine - 1

Box Score:

1 2 3 4 5 R H E

Waverley 5 3 5 1 0 14 11 1

Melbourne 0 0 1 0 0 1 6 4




Masters A lost to Essendon 6-3

Let's get one thing clear from the get-go - if we start with eight players because John's Subaru is once again in the workshop and they have both blown a fuse and are overheated, then we field with eight and don't have a blank. Between our eight players and Essendon's ten, a combined 356 years of baseball and something like 8,213 games we were in agreeance that this is the rule...unless the umpire is adamant that he know's more than us, and this was the case Monday night! Cudos to General Patton and the Bombers for supporting our frustration, however umpires decisions are final and let's face it, replays on protests are ridiculous when our Masters bodies and our applicable leave passes are only valid for regular season games.

So, we jetted out to sunny Airport West and suited up against Team Cornish without Skinny, Whitey, Andy and the mysterious Los Lobos Johan and started quite well, with hits to baby Jason, the Prez and a smashed double to our gun (new) catcher Mr Gerwing allowing us to score two in the first. The Prez extracted a handy couple of ground balls for two out in reply, however a combination of solid hitting, errors and a couple of regulation pop ups to our third outfielder THAT DIDN'T EXIST AS WE WEREN'T ALLOWED TO HAVE A SUB allowed the Bombers to score three. The rest of our hitting for the night was pretty vacant suffice for a single to Eddy and impressive pop ups to the Prez and Lardio, with big Andy managing to smash a ball 300 feet to where it landed on the pitchers plate for a single as big Gary Wills decided to play that drinking game where you look up at the sky and spin around six times before falling over and throwing up. Of course the best looking guy in the team Damo also got his regulation hit though this was expected as after all he is a star at Mulgrave ;-)

Unfortunately Essendon scored another three off Dave from a combo of hits, a couple of bleeders, and a couple of errors to the left side infield who struggled with the perfect bounce and consistency of the artificial turf... Murray's new cleats and socks and attempt to grow a Damo beard to make it into the top three best looking guys in the team was a bit too much too in the perfect conditions. To stop him making errors he took to the hill and did however manage to throw three scoreless innings thanks to Eddy, Dan and Big John tracking down some warning track into the wind fly balls. Twinkle toes Anderson's effort to borrow and drive a car that was smaller than him all the way to Essendon for half a game was a sterling effort, with his last innings pirouette a highlight. 6-2 loss but we will be back to full 'strength' after a well earned break.


Junior Match Reports

U18 Melbourne/Malvern Combined defeated Sunshine 5 - 2

With only 7 players making the trek out to Sunny Sunshine we were going to be up against it - but with the opposition struggling to raise 7 as well we played without blanks and only one outfielder each. Even with that, every ball that was hit went to Centrefield and by the last innings we were down 2-1 and had struggled all day in the box with only a single hit to Callum. With 2 out and 2 strikes we were within a strike of losing the game - but Charlie came up with only our second hit of the day with a bleeder to right and it started a rally that added 4 runs and turned the game around. Callum cleaned up the last innings and we won the game and stay in the hunt for finals.

U16 Melbourne State League defeated by Waverley 19 - 6
The boys came up against the strong hitting Waverley team for the second time this season - with all hits except for one, going to our outfielders, Ben, Matt & Jacob. Adam manning 2nd base being the only infielder to field a hit.

The boys managed to Pick Off 2 Waverley runners trying to steal base - Cooper (Pitcher) to Harvey (1st base) to Sean (Short stop) in the first inning and then Rhys (Catcher) to Oliver (3rd base) in the second.

Hits: Matt, Oliver, Cooper (2B)

RBIs: Sean (2), Harvey, Jacob

Cooper 1 inn, 8 H, 0 Ks, 1 BB, 7 ER
Sean 3 inn, 12 H, 0 Ks, 2 BB, 12 ER

The boys came away feeling positive after an enjoyable and challenging game.

U12 Friday Angels defeated by Malvern Blue 4 - 2
The Angels lost a close game to Malvern Blue 2 - 4. We were in the game through to the end but just didn't hit the ball enough. Seems we missed Jon's hitting and RBI's in recent weeks (5 from 6!) and also Malvern had two pitchers who play in the Sunday State League competition.

Will took 2 fly's including a superb diving fly at Centre Field when the pressure was on late in the game. Sean was a rock at second base fielding and throwing out all hits that came his way. Thomas W continues to catch with class, particularly on Friday, as he had a challenging day and long drive just to get to the game.

U12 Friday Angels defeated Ormond GH 6 - 1
" Ladies and Gentlemen ", bleated over the PA system to a crowd of 300 at the arena, " gives me great pleasure to introduce our motivational speaker for this year, who will address us on an historic Friday night victory."

As Coach Helder approached the podium the vast crowd eagerly awaited his inspirational words. The brass band struck up, the cheerleaders stood still and the baton twirlers were stationary. " Oh, say can you see, by the dawn's early light; What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming..." A roar ensued.

There has to be something special about these American coaches as an aura of silence took place. Not a soul was seen to be eating their footlong chilli cheese hotdog, nor the munching on buffalo chicken wings nor the sucking the of last morsels off those spare ribs. Coach Helder swigged his bottle of water and one noticed a few whitish flakes sitting on his MCC navy blue baseball jumper -no doubt the remnants of icing off a Krispy Kreme donut consumed beforehand. ...Silence and anticipation were prevalent. Coach Helder said, after a protracted pause...."Way to Go "... The crowd erupted !!

I should add that this didn't stop Assistant coach Darren from contemplating how to evict those cricketing fanatics who were trying to cover their pitch which happened to encroach the border of our diamond, with a flimsy piece of plastic for rain protection. The wind made the task before them impossible ...and hilarious.

But, just as Coach Helder was about to continue, the speaker system crackled, sparked and fused. Whilst the crowd chanted 'Way to Go, Way to Go....', they didn't realise that his speech was inaudible. There was little point in going any further.

In reading the transcript forwarded to magazine 'Sports Illustrated', his message was clear....

'An inspiring game of confidence, persistence and grit. What made a major difference this time, was the broad effort especially from those with so much promise. They stepped up to the plate this week. If only you had seen Ben's smile on his face after making the perfect 'connect' to that ball - confidence building at its best ! Tom, likewise, unravelled the stitching off the ball with a massive fly ball- he's a happy man! ; Billy nearly took the screamer 'catch of the season' (... short arm's might be hereditary !) Jasper also made a very impressive hit and claimed a home run. Max made a terrific worm burner prompting the crowd to go wild with cheer. Jerry displayed a real professional ability and ticked all the boxes for a top performance. Hudson took a sensational catch and also belted the ball miles into the outer field...and some extremely classy pitching as well. Henry, as catcher, read the fielding with great perception but also made a stunning home run. Tate did a great all round team job and stole some impressive bases. Koby hit the ball with real style and boy, some great fielding sending quite a few opponents off the field. Blake again pitched impressively to the sweet spot and knocked up a couple of homers when batting. '

So that's what I gleaned from the transcript...A great match- a return of confidence to many. Suffice to say that a new bat or glove may be a real surprise under the tree or in the Santa's stocking?... I think I'll email this to the North Pole ... Way to Go Santa! .... Merry Christmas.



Upcoming Matches

Division 1
Thu 19th Dec 18:00
Kingston Heath
Division 1 Melbourne Cheltenham Sun 22nd Dec 15:30 Surrey Park
Division 1 Reserves
Sun 22nd Dec 13:00
Surrey Park
Division 1 Thirds
Sun 22nd Dec 15:30
Kingston Heath
Division 1 Fourths
Melbourne Sun 22nd Dec 13:00 Kingston Heath
Womens Division 2 Doncaster Melbourne Sat 21st Dec 15:30 Deep Creek
Womens Division 3 Bundoora Melbourne Sat 21st Dec 13:00 Glenauburn Park
U18 Metro League BYE Melbourne    
U16 State League Melbourne Berwick Sun 22nd Dec 9:00 Surrey Park
U16 AA League Upwey FTG Melbourne Sun 22nd Dec 9:00 Kings Park
U15 Friday League Melbourne BYE    
U14 State League Melbourne Preston Sun 22nd Dec 9:00 Myrtle Park
U14 Metro Central Bonbeach Melbourne Sun 22nd Dec 9:00 Bicentennial Park
U12 State League Melbourne Geelong Sun 22nd Dec 9:00 Myrtle Park



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Girls training with the Pros

The event will be held at Melbourne Ballpark on Saturday 21st December from 10.00am – 2.00pm.  Cost to the girls is only $25. This is a fantastic initiative by MLB, the ABF, the Melbourne Aces and also BV.  The ABF and Melbourne Aces have organised for 16 members of the current Australian Women’s Squad to fly into Melbourne as part of the Aces “Women’s Weekend”, and these girls will coach at the Clinic, along with members of the Victorian Blue Women’s Team.







Upcoming Events

19/12/2013 U16 Training cancelled due to heat
21/12/2013 Girls training with the Pros
21/12/2013 Christmas Cocktail Function
26/01/2014 Australia Day Celebration and $5000 Draw

Senior Results

1st Nine
Round 14 - Saturday 14th December          
Men's Division 1 Melbourne    6
Sunshine 0
Senior Grades - Round 11
Men's Div 1 Res  Melbourne 5
Sunshine 10
Men's Div 1 Thirds Sunshine 7
Melbourne 10
Men's Div 1 Fourths Sunshine 3
Melbourne 7
Men's Div 4 East Cheltenham 2
Melbourne 11
Men's Div 4 South Melbourne 7
Carrum Downs 11
Women's Div 2 Waverley 14
Melbourne 1
Women's Div 3 Malvern 11
Melbourne 11
Masters Div 1 Melbourne 3
Essendon 6
Masters Div 2 East Melbourne B  
Masters Div 2 East Domcaster 2
Melbourne C 3

Junior Results

Round 10 - Sunday 15th December           
Junior Grades
U18 Metro               Melb/Malv 5
Sunshine 2
U16 State Melbourne 6
Waverley 19
U16 Metro Cheltenham 3
Melbourne 0
U15 Friday Melbourne  
U14 State Berwick 13
Melbourne 0
U14 Metro Mulgrave 0
Melbourne 14
U12 State Melbourne 1
Waverley 12
U12 Friday Angels 2
Malvern Blue 4
U12 Friday Dodgers 6
Ormond GH 1
U12 Friday Upwey FTG 0
Red Sox 8

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U14 Metro Team vs Mulgrave


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