Women's Match Reports Round 6

Melbourne Demons Women Division 2 vs. Moorabbin - Lost 23 - 7

Another beautiful day at Surrey Park as the sun was shining and an 18° day facing the Moorabbin Panthers who appear to be in the mix for a run at the flag this year. Walks dominated the theme as we gave up 25 which put us at a big disadvantage for the day although we outhit the Panthers 9-8 we couldn’t sustain the scoring drives as Moorabbin came up with some outstanding defensive plays to stall our scoring machine just as we were getting in the groove.

We gave up 4 runs in the first dig on 5 walks and 2 errors which put the pressure on right from the start yet we came back to score 1 of our own on a great bunt single by Rachel, a stolen base and a single by Charmaine. Second dig was scoreless by both sides. The 3rd inning was a tough dig for the girls as we gave up the maximum 7 runs on 5 walks and 1 HPB whereby we came back and scored another 2 runs with the 4th dig very much the same which had the score at 18-5 then rounding out the scoring with 5 for the Panthers and 2 more for us to finish the score line. A great defensive effort by Jess S. this week taking a couple of good fly balls in centre field running flat out to get to them, a good effort by Megan at 2nd base coming up with a few put outs with Narelle, Dominique and Jess W. getting a couple of good plays each as well, and as always Charmaine with yet another good day behind the dish. There could have been a totally different outcome to this game if the routine plays that presented themselves had been made, with 5 errors on the day that made a huge difference to the result in this game, we need to make those routine outs to support our pitching staff.

Rachel got the start for the Lady D’s and went 3 innings giving up 6 earned runs on 1 hit with 10 walks, 0 hpb, and 2 strike outs, a tough day yet putting in a good effort. Narelle came on in relief and worked 2 innings for her debut on the mound for the Lady D’s giving up 12 earned runs on 4 hits with 12 walks, 2 hpb, and 0 strike outs. Jessica Wearne then debuted going 1 inning giving up 2 earned runs on 3 hits with 3 walks, 0 hpb, and 1 strike out. Our pitching staff needs to adjust to the strike zone on the day as it seemed we were unable to find it as was evident by the number of walks given.

We are still sitting tied for second on the ladder with Moorabbin so are still in the hunt for the flag with a real test coming up next week against Werribee who is undefeated to date so will need to come up with a good game against a solid side which we are certainly capable of doing.



Hits:  Jessica S. & Charmaine – 2; Kate, Bec, Rachel, Dominique & Narelle – 1

RBIs: Charmaine – 3; Kate, Dominique, Bec & Jessica S.- 1

Box Score:

                1 2 3 4 5   R  H  E
Moorabbin  4 0 7 7 5  23  8  4
Melbourne  1 0 2 2 2   7   9  5


Melbourne Women Division 3 vs. Bundoora - Lost 21 - 3

Despite their worse loss for the season, the Div 3 ladies put-in a very sportsperson like effort under some trying circumstances. The team welcomed new player Alice Ryan who was player of the day after some good pitching, batting and excellent fielding.  
Safe hits to Sophia, Alice, Melanie (with a double for an RBI), Meredith (for an RBI) and Jacqui. Walks to Alice and Betty.  Runs by Betty, Liz and then Marnie on a hit by Sophia before the amazing 6 person run down of Alice.  Bundoora only struck out three batters. We were hitting the ball but the hits were finding the Bundoora infield.
Next weeks game against Newport/Essendon (away - KC White Reserve, Park Cres, Williamstown).

                1 2 3 4 5   R  H  E
Bundoora   7 7 7 - -  21  8  4
Melbourne  1 1 1 - -   3   5  4