1942 – Melbourne beat the might of the U.S. Servicemen

1942 saw the introduction of zoning for the first time with reduced team entries due to WWII. The VBA League 1 and 2 sections combined into South, Central, and North sections, the top two teams in each group advancing to the Championship in a knockout series. With the U.S. entering WWII, and local U.S. servicemen stationed in Melbourne, 3 American teams strengthened the local competition with one team entered in each zone. Melbourne finished runners-up to US 1 in the South section at the end of the regular season.


Melbourne defeated CTSOB, Ormond Park and Carlton in the knockout series and came up against US No. 1 in the final, but turned the tables on the US team. Three hits in the eighth innings and unsteadiness by US No. 1 in the field enabled Melbourne to score 4 runs and win the State Baseball championship, the scores being 4 to 1.